“…optimistic in tone, emphasizing hope in the possibility of national healing.…a sophisticated presentation of critical theory, U.S. history and philosophy, the book carefully balances nuance with accessibility and practical application.”
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Advance praise for Healing America’s Narratives:

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“…courageous, compassionate, wise, and visionary…. Brilliant. Thoroughly researched and referenced. A tour de force. Read it.” —Bill Plotkin, Ph.D., author of Soulcraft and The Journey of Soul Initiation

“Stunning, insightful, intelligent, and fearless, this book deserves a place among the great narratives of the American psyche.” —Trebbe Johnson, author of Radical Joy for Hard Times: Finding Meaning and Making Beauty in Earth’s Broken Places 

“Marra is doing the collective archeology…. and giving us the diagnosis and some of the treatment plan we need if we are to survive even into the near future.” —Eduardo Duran (Tiospaye Ta Woapiye Wicasa), Ph.D., Vietnam veteran, author of Healing the Soul Wound: Trauma-Informed Counseling for Indigenous Communities

“Outraged yet hopeful, sweeping in its conclusions….Marra offers pained, unstinting examinations of historical American failings (the ongoing subjugation of women and Black Americans; the betrayal of Native Americans; the last half century’s worth of elective wars)…. In precise, inviting prose, Marra urges readers to look with clear eyes….” —Booklife

“Using deep history, literary allusions, insights from psychological theory, and an occasional dose of good humor, Marra is unflinching in his insistence that truth counts…. He invites us into Shadow for our personal and collective evolution.” —from the Foreword by Maureen Walker, Ph.D., author of When Getting Along Is Not Enough: Reconstructing Race in Our Lives and Relationships

“Marra brings voices together, rightening history with unprecedented accuracy. In his voice we find a confluence of narratives from opposite, alienated, privileged, unprivileged, and marginalized perspectives…” —Marianela Medrano, Ph.D., author of Rooting: Selected Bilingual Poems

“…invites the reader to ‘wake up, grow up, clean up, and show up’ as an everyday practice of individual and collective listening, learning, and working for the good of all.” —Janet E. Aalfs, author of What the Dead Want Me to Know

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Both cautionary tale and love letter, Healing America’s Narratives provides historical, psychological, cultural, and political context for the mood of America in the third decade of the twenty-first century. Looking through the lens of the country’s collective Shadow—what we deny about ourselves and project onto others—the book lays bare the myths and denials that bring the United States to its current time and place. Relentless evidence supports the argument that America’s national Shadow is dominated by unhealthy masculine energy and that it lacks and longs for integration with the healthy feminine. Marra explores increasingly comprehensive, inclusive, and complex perspectives on the larger scope of the American experiment. With clear language and letting no one off the hook, in each chapter he invites us to ‘re-vision’ our cultural givens so that we may heal and integrate our individual and collective stories.

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